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Welcome to Eyecare Plus Optometrists Springvale

At Eyecare Plus Optometrist Springvale in south east Melbourne, we provide a complete range of eye care and optometry services, including comprehensive eye tests,...

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Welcome to Eyecare Plus Optometrist Springvale

At Eyecare Plus Optometrist Springvale in south east Melbourne, we provide a complete range of eye care and optometry services, including comprehensive eye tests, orthokeratology and the latest technology in dry eye treatment.

We also have a great range of fashion sunglasses, spectacles and colour contact lenses - including some of the most comfortable contact lenses you're likely to find.


We're located in the Springvale commercial area, right near the intersection of Buckingham and Windsor Avenues.

Our optometry practice is open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, not including Victorian public holidays.

Sunday appointments are also available - just give us a call on (03) 9558 4499 to arrange a date and time.

Our Optometrist

Denise Lee
BOptom(UMelb), GradCertOcularTher(UNSW), MOptom(UNSW)

Health Funds

We proudly supply members of all major health funds, including:

  • BUPA
  • MBP
  • HCF
  • Defence Health
  • NIB
  • CBHS

Ask about our price match guarantee.

Our Optometrist

Denise Lee

Optometrist Denise Lee graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Optometry in 1995. She has spent the majority of her career working in private practice, and is experienced and confident in all aspects of optometry.

Denise obtained a postgraduate degree in ocular therapeutics in 2009 from University of NSW, which qualifies her to prescribe ocular medication to diagnose and treat ocular disease. She continued further study at UNSW, completing a Masters in Behavioural Optometry in 2012 and Masters Optometry in 2014.

Denise has an interest in managing red eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. Her passion is in the areas of dry eye treatment, myopia control (orthokeratology contact lens), children's vision and behavioural optometry.

She works closely with local family doctors to screen for a range of ocular complications associated with systemic health problems. Denise also works with local school nurses, speech therapists and paediatricians to help children with vision problems.

About Us

The team at Eyecare Plus Springvale focus on providing a friendly, caring service and attending to you and your family's eye care needs. Our optometrist Denise invites you to come in and discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your vision and eye care.

We pride ourselves on providing quality spectacles, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. Most health fund claims can be processed instantly and we have a great range of offers, including a price-matching policy to ensure you get quality products at the best price.

Our Services Include:

  • Detection and treatment of eye disease, including cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.
  • Latest technology in treatment of Dry Eye disease
  • Orthokeratology / Corneal Refractive Therapy
  • Digital Retinal Imaging and Anterior Segment Imaging
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Contact Lenses (disposable, conventional, rigid, scleral and coloured)
  • Sunglasses, including prescription sunglass lenses
  • Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy
  • Other languages spoken - Chinese & Vietnamese
  • We are open 6 days

Dry Eye Disease - Information and Specialised Treatment

Dry eye disease is a complex condition of the tears and ocular surface that results in discomfort, visual disturbance and instability of the tear film. Due to the high density of the corneal nerves compared to other tissues in our body, the discomfort that occurs with untreated disease causes significant distress to certain patients who are unable to function normally.

What Are the Symptoms?

Ocular symptoms can include:

  • soreness
  • stinging, burning, watery eyes
  • tired eyes
  • fluctuating vision
  • lids stuck together on waking and
  • occasional transient sharp pains in eyes.

Often these symptoms can be exacerbated by air conditioning, windy days, ceiling fans, airplane travel and computer use.

What Are the Types of Dry Eye?

The two main forms of dry eye disease are Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye (ADDE) whereby the aqueous tear volume produced is reduced and Evaporative Dry Eye (EDE) whereby there is a normal aqueous tear volume however an increased evaporation of the tear film occurs. Patients can have any form or sometimes combinations of both forms causing their symptoms.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Whilst many factors can cause dry eye disease, the most common is Meibomian Gland Disease, which causes Evaporative Dry Eye. The Meibomian Glands are the oil glands within our superior and inferior lids that make the meibum (oil) for our eyes. This stops our tear film from evaporating at an accelerated rate. Left untreated this condition will continue to worsen to the point where the meibomian glands will suffer chronic changes affecting the quantity and quality of the oil they produce and eventually Meibomian Gland dropout.

What Treatment Options are Available?

Until relatively recently the standard treatment has only brought about an improvement for some patients with the condition. Recent developments, many of which are available at Eyecare Plus Springvale, have seen excellent results for a wider spectrum of affected patients.

Depending on the underlying cause or causes of your Dry Eye Disease, a management plan is optimised for each patient. This may also involve the use of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.

E Eye Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

The advent of Intense Pulsed Light technology which emits polychromatic light extending from the visible (515nm) to the infrared spectrum (1200nm) has shown remarkable results translating to improvement in quantitative analysis of the non-invasive tear break up time (of the order of 85%), however more importantly, a corresponding significant reduction in ocular discomfort due to dry eye disease.

Please note that for 15% of patients who undergo therapy there is no improvement in symptoms. It is unfortunately not possible to identify these patients at the outset of treatment.

Treatment protocol involves 4-5 flashes of Intense Pulsed Light under the eyelids of both eyes with the patient having protective goggles on. The procedure is very safe with your optometrist going through a comprehensive checklist of other conditions and medications that can cause potential photosensitivity. Potential patients will have a precautionary skin test with the IPL applied to the underneath of their forearm with follow up evaluation in 48-72 hours to check if any signs of photosensitive reaction have taken place.

Whilst many patients report lasting benefits from therapy, some will benefit from follow up treatments if symptoms return or a yearly or 2 yearly top up treatment to keep the glands flowing optimally.

More Information and Treatment Options

For more information on Dry Eye Disease and the treatment options available at Eyecare Plus Optometrist Springvale you can download our comprehensive fact sheet here.

To be assessed for possible treatment or just to see if the condition affects you please call us on (03) 9558 4499 or click here to organise an appointment with our specialised optometrist.

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