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Optical Dispenser / Vision Therapist

Cert 4 in Optical Dispensing


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Health Funds

We proudly supply members of all major health funds, including:

  • Medibank
  • HCF
  • NIB
  • BUPA
  • Teachers Health Fund
  • AHM
  • Australian Unity Health
  • CUA

We accept all health funds  – if your health fund is not listed above, contact us today and we will help you redeem your optical health fund benefits. Treat yourself with a new pair of specs with little to nil to pay!

You can also see clearly now and pay later with Zip! Call or visit us in practice to find out more!



Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre, 71 Cambridge Drive, Alexandra Hills, QLD, 4161, Australia


(07) 3824 1878

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QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE – Our frames and lenses conform to the highest standard of quality and workmanship.

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Kids optical packages from $199 complete 

Prescription sunglasses from $199 – We have a range of sunglasses available in your prescription from $199 complete

No Gap and Low Gap glasses – We have special packages for eligible Health Fund members. Get a new pair of glasses every year for little or even no out-of-pocket cost on top of your health fund benefit.

Receive a complimentary pair of glasses with your initial purchase*. The second pair includes single-vision hard-coated lenses (same prescription) with a select range of frames. * T&C’s apply. Initial purchase must be full price.

Blue light screen protection – Protect your eyes from light emissions from all screen-based devices by adding blue light protection to your lenses. An Anti-Glare coating is included with blue light screen protection.

Genuine Transition lenses – Perfect for anyone looking for more than an ordinary lens. See our newly expanded range.

Contact lenses  – We Provide complementary contact lense trials. Ask us in practice today!

Varilux X Track Fit multifocal lenses now available. Varilux X Track Fit  lenses give you sharp, clear vision and a smooth transition between distances.

At Eyecare Plus we offer all of the brands you love, Plus, many more brands including:

Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand

Fees, charges & Medicare

Consultation fees

Medicare benefits are payable for most consultations. Some additional fees apply for services that are not yet covered by Medicare. Our staff will be pleased to explain these fees.

Veterans Affairs

Spectacles and contact lenses are provided at no cost for patients covered by Veterans Affairs. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on your entitlement.

Spectacles for the Disadvantaged

Often there are people with a need for spectacles but who are not able to afford the cost, or part of it. Some state governments provide limited assistance for people in need. Please talk to our staff and they will be pleased to explain the eligibility requirements and how to make an application.

Here at Aphrodite Livanes Eyecare Plus Optometrist we offer comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses, behavioural optometry, and eye health care for the whole family.

Please see below for the extra services we provide including shooting vision assessments, dry eye treatment, and colour vision assessments.

Extra Services

Enhanced Primary Care Program Participant
GP’s will often recommend enhanced primary care programs EPC for patients with chronic illnesses. An EPC is an arrangement between GP’s and Allied health professionals to assist a patient in managing their illness and symptoms.

We are more than happy to participate in an EPC program and will liaise with your GP after every consultation to ensure that your eye health is being managed appropriately.

Removal of Foreign Bodies & Ingrown Eyelashes
Patients with a foreign body often state that their eye feels as if an irritating object, like grit, or glass in it. Ingrown eyelashes is the term for when the eyelash grows inward instead of outward. Foreign bodies of the eye and ingrown lashes are common and can be removed with proper technique by our optometrists. It is not advisable to try to remove them yourself as you could hurt or damage your eye. We are happy to see you to remove a Foreign Body or an Ingrown Eyelash at any time.

Keratoconus Exam
Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape, causing distorted vision. If detected, our optometrists can explain treatments available.

Shooting Vision & Target Sports
At Eyecare Plus Alexandra Hills we have a special interest in addressing the vision requirements of Recreational Shooters & Archery enthusiasts. Get that competitive edge with prescription shooting lenses, shooting frames, and shooting tints.

Colour Vision Testing and Treatment
We are proud to be Brisbane’s only Colour Blind Sight Centre™, and can prescribe iRo colour blind glasses and contact lenses to help you pass the Ishihara test. Colour vision testing is a routine part of the eye examinations we provide for every new patient and child. People with colour vision deficiency (or colour blindness) can experience new, more vibrant colours for the first time in their lives.

IRPL Treatments for Dry Eye
Our practice is a dry eye centre, using Blephasteam and the latest technology to provide quick and gentle treatment of dry eye syndrome. IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) is a non-invasive treatment offering longer-lasting relief, as it helps to stimulate and unblock the meibomian glands, which produce the oils that keep your eyes lubricated.

Children’s Vision
Eye tests are available for children and babies from the age of six months. Our behavioural optometrists have extensive experience helping children with vision problems, lazy eye, learning or developmental delays, tracking and focusing issues, and convergence insufficiency/excess, as well as in working with children with developmental delays, autism/ASD, ADD and ADHD.

5 Star National Accreditation

This practice has met the highest standards of accreditation within the Eyecare Plus group.