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Eye Conditions and FAQs

Eye Conditions and Diseases

» Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
» Astigmatism
» Cataracts
» Colour Vision and Colour Blindness
» Diabetic Retinopathy
» Eye Muscle Incoordinations
» Glaucoma
» Hyperopia (Long-sightedness)
» Macular Degeneration
» Myopia (Short-sightedness)
» Presbyopia
» Pterygium
» Spots & Floaters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

» What are the signs of vision problems?
» What is NORMAL for my vision?
» How often should I have my eyes examined?
» Refractive Laser Surgery

What are the signs of vision problems?

The following is a partial list of symptoms in children and adults which indicate the need for a complete vision analysis:

  • headaches, nausea or dizziness after visual concentration
  • blurred or double vision at any time
  • crossed or turned eyes
  • blinking or eye rubbing after visual concentration
  • dislike or avoidance of close work
  • short attention span
  • placing head close to book when reading or writing
  • frowning while looking at the TV or blackboard
  • difficulty reading small print
  • difficulty adjusting focus between near and far objects.

If you or one of your family members have any of the above symptoms you can follow up with an eye exam from one of our expert optometrists. To find the Eyecare Plus practice closest to you, either phone 1300 EYECARE (393 227) or visit our location finder here. You can also arrange an appointment online here.

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What is "NORMAL" in my vision?

It is normal for most eyes to be long-sighted at birth. This usually reduces as the eye grows to full adult size during adolescence. It is then in the teens that short-sightedness tends to develop, if at all.

After a relatively stable time in the 20's and 30's another significant time for change begins in the 40's. This involves a gradual loss in the ability to finely focus the lens inside the eye. The result is a totally normal and expected change called "presbyopia", which continues into the 60's.

After 60, the eye will tend toward less long-sightedness or more short-sightedness as the inner part of the eye lens hardens. Sensitive vision drops and the retina's fine discrimination of colours is dulled. By 70 most eyes show signs of cataract and the older, harder, clouded eye lens scatters light so that glare often becomes more of a problem.

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How often should I have my eyes examined?

Your optometrist will advise you of the interval between your full eye & vision examinations which is appropriate for your vision and eye health needs. This time interval does vary for different situations, so we contact our patients when their next routine check is due. Changes in vision and eye health are often quite slow and subtle, and can easily go unnoticed if not checked regularly.

Of course if a problem arises sooner, please make an appointment so that we can assess the situation for you.

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