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From lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light and UV, to lenses that allow you to see better at home and at work, Eyecare Plus offers a comprehensive range of lens options to suit your individual needs.


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High index

High index lenses are designed to be thin and light, making them more comfortable for daily use, especially for this who require a high prescription lens.

hyperopia, long sighted, astigmatism, thin, computer, single vision, mutifocal

Anti scratch

An anti scratch coating will make your lenses less prone to getting scratched, more durable and potentially last longer than regular lenses. An anti scratch coating is great if you play outdoor sports or work outdoors.

sport, outdoors, bike, golf, construction, office, computer, scratch,

Water repellent

A water repellent coating prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens. Water repellent glasses are useful for everyone, especially for those who perform activities close to water.

water, outdoors, sports, construction, bike riding, water sports, rain

Anti dust

An anti dust coating protects your glasses from dust and dirt, ensuring that you have unobstructed vision. An anti dust coating is great if you work outdoors, on construction sites or carpentry workshops.

construction, dust, outdoors, carpentry, baker, farming, woodwork, dirt,

Computer glasses

Staring at a screen for a long period of time can lead to digital eye strain. Computer lenses help to alleviate digital eye strain symptoms including blurred vision and headaches, by helping you to see your screen clearly and reduce squinting and tiredness. 

computer, office, digital eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, tired eyes, dry eyes, blue light

Polarised sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses reduce eye strain and eliminate the harsh glare from highly reflective surfaces like snow and water. Polarised sunglasses are great for those who play outdoor sports, water sports and fishing.

water sports, golf, riding, bike riding, fishing, sun protection, uv, polarised, tennis, sunglasses

UV protection

Protecting your eyes from UV rays is as important as protecting your skin – adding a UV coating on your clear lenses blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping to maintain your vision.

uv, office, outdoors, construction, sports, golf, bike,


Transitions® lenses provide a two-in-one option that adapt to light as you move from indoors to outdoors, protecting your eyes from UV rays.

sunglasses, uv, sun, single vision, multifocal, transition

Blue light

A blue light coating protects your eyes from blue light emitted from computer screens, smartphones and other digital devices. Blue light lenses give you a more comfortable vision and are great for those who spend a lot of time in front of computers and other digital devices.

blue light, computer, digital screens, office, single vision

Anti glare

An anti-reflective coating removes reflections that you would normally see on the lenses. An anti glare coating is great for everyone, especially those who work with computers, under sunlight and drive (both during the day and night).

glare, computer, driving, short sighted, long sighted, multifocal, myopia,


Bifocal lenses have two prescriptions that allow you to see clearly in both near and distant vision.

long sighted, short sighted, bifocal, myopia, hyperopia, computer, driving, reading


The power of progressive lenses changes gradually from point to point on the lens surface, providing the correct lens power for seeing objects clearly at virtually any distance.

presbyopia, office, computer, reading, driving, long sighted, short sighted

Single vision

Single vision lenses are a great solution if you are short sighted (myopia) or long sighted (hyperopia) as they are set for one viewing distance.

short sighted, long sighted, single vision, reading, computer, office, myopia, hyperopia, driving

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