Joining Eyecare Plus

What’s Your Vision For Your Future As An Optometrist?

Your vision is our focus.

The Eyecare Plus promise is to our patients. It lets them know that we are most focused on taking care of their eye health, as all optometrists should be. It also doubles as a purpose statement to our 150 plus member optometrists, that we are here to help them create the future they want for optometry.

We exist to help you compete and succeed in a challenging market place while practising your profession without restrictions. It’s about you doing what you do best, PLUS having the benefit of commercial assistance.

As a branded, unbranded or co-branded practice, we offer flexible and optional buying power, fraternity, peer-to-peer sharing, clinical leadership as well as support, benchmarking, marketing and staff training… without compromising your independence.

Joining Eyecare Plus is about being in practice for yourself, not by yourself. We have no cost membership available, so if you’d like some commercial support for your clinical independence, click below to read on…

Joining Eyecare Plus

Become a Member of Eyecare Plus

  • Are you a clinically focused independent practice owner?
  • Does your practice offer full scope optometry?
  • Are you concerned about your ability to compete in the increasingly corporatised optometry marketplace?

Then read on!

Eyecare Plus allows you to maintain your full independence, while still receiving the benefits of a large organisation.

  • Your choice of membership options: Unbranded, Co-Branded or Branded
  • Co-Branded and Branded members receive exclusive Territory Protection
  • And there are no minimum purchase requirements from our suppliers.
  • And you do not have to participate in all practice marketing or advertising initiatives.
  • But all members can access our in-house graphic artist and media planner for their own practice advertising


  • Enhancing business performance and therefore the resale value of your optometry practice(s)
  • Gaining competitive advantage via:
    • industry best buying group benefits and discounts
    • consistent branding and regular practice promotion, including your existing brand
    • discover your practice strengths and weaknesses through group benchmarking
  • Networking with other optometrists in a non-competitive environment (due to territory protection)
  • Receiving assistance with business management via a proven set of systems and procedures, benchmarking tools and on-site practice evaluation and accreditation
  • Participating in group training at minimal cost
  • Low or zero membership costs
  • Individual member practice website
  • Member only websites for online ordering and access to numerous resources and downloads
  • Shared resources such as patient information brochures, common advertising, custom printing etc.
  • Strategic Partners (Suppliers) are elected/chosen by the members every 2 years

Eyecare Plus is a member owned unlisted public company. Members have the option to buy shares in direct proportion to the size of their practice.

Since our inception in the year 2000, the Eyecare Plus group has grown to a 150 strong network of independent, clinically focused optometrists working together to assist one another. We provide business development assistance to licensed independent full scope optometry practices across Australia.

The practice of independent optometry in Australia is under constant threat. Over 50% of Australia’s optometric business is in the hands of two (foreign) corporations. Many optometrists see this shift to corporate ownership as a significant threat to clinical independence, but at the same time recognise the capability of those corporations in extracting the best financial returns from the industry.

Eyecare Plus provides independent optometry practices the tools to develop a successful business while maintaining excellence and independence in clinical practice.

Some of the Conditions of Membership:

  • Must be a full service independent optometry practice
  • Minimum practice size must exceed $300,000 turnover per annum, including branches. (Exceptions for new or rapidly growing practices)
  • All Partners in the business must agree to membership
  • All practices partially or fully owned, by any of the partners, must join
  • No practice or group of practices may join if they infringe upon the geographic exclusivity of an existing branded Eyecare Plus practice
  • Must be approved by the directors & existing members.

Call any Eyecare Plus member and find out why they joined! Phone numbers available from the Eyecare Plus website here.

Complete conditions of membership will be provided on request. Please click here to fill out an application form and receive more details of membership.

Are you looking to sell or purchase an optometry practice?
We currently have metro and regional owners looking to transition their practices into safe hands. Eyecare Plus can assist you to find the right practice. We provide assistance with your location search, fit-out needs and overcoming the initial supply and set-up hurdles. Please email for a confidential conversation.