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Welcome to Eyecare Plus Optometrists Kareela

Sydney optometrist Eyecare Plus Kareela focus on comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses and eye health care for the....

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Welcome to Eyecare Plus Optometrist Kareela

Sydney optometrist Eyecare Plus Kareela focus on comprehensive eye examinations, prescription sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses and eye health care for the whole family.


We are located inside the brand new Kareela Village shopping centre, right next to the Coles supermarket.

Parking is easily accomplished due to Kareela Village's multi-level carpark with plenty of parking spots.

Health Funds

We proudly supply members of all major health funds, including:

  • AHM
  • Bupa
  • CBHS
  • Defence Health
  • HCF
  • Medibank Private
  • NIB
  • Teachers Health

Health Fund members with a valid optical entitlement can receive up to 2 pairs of single vision glasses with no out of pocket expense.*

* Includes frames from a select range with standard SV Lenses and depending on level of cover.

Our Optometrist

Dr Alexander Du
B.Optom / B.Sci (Hons) (UNSW)

Our Optical Dispenser

Greg Sexty
Practice Manager


All eye examinations are bulk billed. Please bring your Medicare Card with you at the time of consultation.

Although in January 2015, the Federal Government's Budget ended up reducing the rebates to optometrists, we still bulk bill all our eye examinations.

We carry the latest equipment for the earliest possible detection of all eye conditions, and hence we do charge for this service. The pricing of this service varies, and we will always let you know whether any further charges will be applied before we do this type of testing. These tests are normally done on indication.

Spectacles start from $139 for one pair, or $199 for 2 pairs with single vision lenses complete.

Our Services

  • Eye examinations for all ages
  • Testing for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and more
  • Diabetic eye exams
  • Retinal Photography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Orthokeratology
  • Latest Contact Lens options
  • Visual Fields Testing
  • Roads and Maritime Vision Assessments
  • Children's Vision Assessments
  • Colour Vision Testing

Our Optometrist

Dr Alexander Du
B.Optom / B.Sci (Hons) (UNSW)

Alexander Du studied Optometry at the University of New South Wales, graduating with Honours. He is one of our young enthusiastic optometrists who believe all patients should get a comprehensive eye examination and was the Principal Optometrist at Roselands in 2015.

In 2016, he opened a new Eyecare Plus practice in Kareela with specialty interests in Children’s vision, Contact lenses, Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), myopia control and diseases of the eye.

Alexander Du is a therapeutically endorsed optometrist, which allows him to prescribe certain ocular medications for the treatment of conditions such as glaucoma and most red eyes.

He has completed courses in Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy run by the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry and as part of the Optometric Extension Program and will be continuing on to study the rest of the courses available. He believes that all practitioners should never stop learning and should always be keen to keep an open mind and learn from their colleagues.

Our Optical Dispenser

Greg Sexty
Practice Manager

Greg is a qualified optical dispenser who had worked for Masterspecs for 21 years. After Masterspecs, he joined Eyecare Plus Roselands and had worked there for 4 years before coming along to Kareela and working for the new practice.

Greg is a local, having been raised in Oatley and graduated from Hurstville Boys High School. Being a local means Greg has the advantage in choosing the best optical and visual need for all patients who frequent the Kareela practice.

He strives on making sure all patients are 100% satisfied with their frames and lenses and is always honest when it comes to frame and lens aesthetics. He loves being an optical mechanic the most because he not only gets to work in a fashion conscious environment, but also a technical hands-on environment.

Eye Health


Just 2 hours in front of a digital screen can cause your eyes to feel strained and dried out. The average Australian spends 10 hours a day staring at some form of screen.

Learn more about your screen life HERE

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome is a lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture in the eye leaving the cornea (the main lens of the eye) with an inadequate tear film. This occurs when the eye doesn't produce enough tears, or the tears have a chemical composition that causes them to evaporate too quickly.

What Are the Symptoms?

Symptoms can include persistent dryness, scratching, redness, burning and sometimes excessive watering as the tears produced fail to wet the cornea properly. Dry eyes are typically worse in the evening.

You may have Dry Eye if you are experiencing:

  • Sore, gritty eyes
  • Itchy or irritated eyes
  • Inflamed eyelids
  • Faintly diffuse red eyes
  • The urge to blink hard frequently
  • Constantly runny eyes

What Are the Causes?

Dry Eye syndrome has several causes:

  1. Our eyes are sensitive to our environment. If the air condition blows air too hard or if it is windy, naturally it dries up the surface of our eyes and causes irritations
  2. Allergic conditions such as hay fever
  3. Hormonal changes with age or certain medication use
  4. Our eye lid skin becoming loose with age can mean the tears aren't held well and thus lead to dry eyes
  5. Not blinking enough and blinking partially so only half our eyes are covered
  6. Contact lens wearers also suffer from dry eyes more towards the end of the day as the lens reduces oxygen to the eyes

What Treatment is Available?

While the syndrome may not be completely curable (depending on the cause), the symptoms can be managed with the use of lubricating eye drops, gels and ointments. Your optometrist will advise you of the best option to help you obtain comfortable, clear vision again.


Recommended to relieve symptoms of Meibomian, Gland Dysfunction and associated diseases. In standardised conditions, Blephasteam® provides moisture and heat therapy. This dual action melts the meibomian secretions and obstruction.

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This system combines a soft mask with disposable warm packs for the application of localized heat therapy to the eyelids treating. In addition to a relaxing sensation, the warmth is known to improve the flow of natural oils in the glands in the eyelids .

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Optimel is a lubricant which incorporates manuka honey substance and also has an anti-bacterial factor as well. Studies have found it to be effective in alleviating chronic dry eye and eyelid disease issues, improve the tear quality of our eyes.

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What Else Can I do to Relieve Dry Eye?

Watch what you eat and drink

Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, eat plenty of food that is rich in vitamins A, C and E, and get plenty of sleep to keep your eyes healthy. Modify your work or home environment to improve humidity and avoid airflow drafts that can dry out your tear film.

Warm compresses at home

You can heat up the eyelid margin by getting a towel hot enough to tolerate and leaving on top of your eyes closed for about two minutes every night.

Once the eyelids have been warmed, with your fingers, for your lower eye lids gently roll upwards to the lash margins and for your upper lids gently roll downwards. It has to be done at least 4-5days/every week for 2-3 weeks to notice a difference! But this is one of the most effective measures found by ocular experts.

Our Offers


There are over 1,000 different multifocal lens options available and not all optometrists get it right. We guarantee that we will or replace it for FREE!


*Conditions apply. Available only at Eyecare Plus Kareela. Initial purchase must include sunglasses frames fitted with prescription lenses. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

2nd pair clear SV hard coated lenses with same prescription into a select range of frames. Ask in practice for details.


In our busy varied lifestyles we need different types of glasses for various activities.

We will give you 25% off your second pair of complete spectacles. A perfect time to order that pair of prescription Sunglasses with your standard spectacles!


We have special deals for patients in Private Health Funds. Get a new pair of
glasses every year for little or even no extra on top of your Health Fund benefit.

Ask in store or call us on (02) 9528 2041 for more details.


Terms & Conditions

  • The product being compared must be the same in all respects and in stock at a competitor retail outlet in Australia.
  • It must be a current advertised price and readily viewable by Eyecare Plus. Eyecare Plus will not match any prices sourced online.
  • A written quote, receipt, invoice, advertising or any other official document from the competitor showing the cheaper price is required.
  • All sale, stock liquidations and clearance items are excluded from the price match promise.

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