5 Tips for buying the right eyewear for your child

20 NOV 2018

Eye health

Wearing glasses can be a daunting thought for most kids. Remove the stress by following these five tips to ensure you buy the perfect pair that your child will wear and love.

1. Decide between plastic or metal frames
Most frames are made of either plastic or metal. Plastic frames are often more popular than metal for its choice of colours, shapes, lightness and sturdiness. One drawback, however, is that the nose bridge of plastic frames is set with the design, so may have the tendency to slide down the nose if the frame doesn’t fit properly.

2. Proper Fit
Fit and comfort come hand in hand. Children have different face shapes and nose bridge heights from adults. If you’re choosing to buy a plastic frame, it’s best to avoid purchasing them online as you cannot determine the nose bridge fit. Visit an optometrist with a wide range of kids frames and get recommendations from the optical dispenser, who are professionally trained to fit glasses on all face shapes.

3. Style
Kids are more likely to wear glasses with frames they like. The good news is Eyecare Plus practices have a great range of colours, patterns and shapes to choose from. Have your child try on a couple of frames they like, and more importantly, have them pick the pair they will wear.

4. Durability
You want your child to have a frame that will last the playground and their active lifestyle. Find frames with spring hinges as these will be able to flex outwards without breaking.

5. Back up pair
Remove the stress of losing their glasses by keeping a spare pair at home. This becomes very handy if your child accidentally leaves their glasses on the school bus or classroom.

Does your child need their eyes checked? Find your local Eyecare Plus to book an appointment.

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